Wedding hire bits and pieces

white benches
white benches 40 to 50 persons

beautiful white washed wood look benches are great they can hold 4 to 5 people per wood bench that look good with any arbor we supply from the white arbor as shown in the package or the circular round arbor Free local delivery and setup Monday to Thursday
from $390

wedding chair sashes
wedding chair sash

a choice of a coloured sash from our range below up to 40 available
from $1

americana chair wedding
Americana wedding chairs

the perfect chair for weddings on the beach in a garden or park - $6 wedding chairs foldable with padded seats over 100 in stock we can deliver
add seperately any sashes colours to suit
Free local delivery Mon - Thurs on orders over $500
Americana chairs $6

8 wedding benches
8 Wedding benches

Wood Rustic benches hold up to 40 people at your event in the garden at the beach or in the hills of the hinterland country style
from $320

Chiavari Tiffany chair in white
Chiavari Tiffany chair in white

chiavari white Tiffany chair x 1 add choice of cushion black or white plus $1 we stock over 100 Tiffany Chiavari chairs in white
white Tiffany chairs $8
also known as Chiavari chairs in white
free local delivery on orders over $500 Monday to Thursday
choice of white or black cushions included
Tiffany chairs $8

Chiavari seat pads
Tiffany chairs Chiavari seat cushions

Chiavari Tiffany seat cushion pads in choice of black or white
100+ of each colour availableFree with chairs

round registration table
Round Registration

a nice sized round registration table
perfect for books presents and paperwork at the ceremony
from $55 with 2 chairs (tiffany or Americana)

Refreshment table
Refreshment table

Refreshment table comes with white cover full wrap
from $35

folding registration table
folding registration table

folding wood registration table
from $35

wooden registration table
Registration table wood

wood registration table with 2 chairs as a set
from $45

chair sash pink
Sash Pink

Sash for chairs pink
from $1

yellow sash for chair
Sash Yellow

chair sash yellow, we can supply other colours with notice
from $1

Green sash for chair
Sash Green

chair sash Green, we can supply other colours with notice
from $1

blue sash for chair
Sash Blue

chair sash blue, we can supply other colours with notice
from $1

pink pale sash for chair
Sash pale pink

chair sash pale pink, we can supply other colours with notice
from $1

apricot chair sash
Apricot chair sash

chair sash Apricot, we can supply other colours with notice
from $1

champagne sash for chairs
Champagne chair sash

chair sash champagne, we can supply other colours with notice
from $1

chair covers
stretch chair covers

heavy duty chair covers, stretch over
from $3

Bubbles in basket pack 24
Bubbles in basket pack 24

supplied in a classic basket the 24 packs of bubbles are perfect for your family and friends to take part in your special day its not just great photos, its a great vibe when you involve family and friends in your day
from $30

a table with flower baskets and bubbles
Table with flower baskets x 2 and bubbles basket

small table with 2 flower girl baskets of petals choice of colours and a basket of 24 bubbles for the guests to help celebrate the special day . Involve the guests and they will have a great time
from $150

flower basket 1 with petals
flower basket 1 with petals

choose the colours and make your day wonderful with our flower girl baskets and choice of colour for petals, this order is for one basket with petals for one flower girl, if you have 2 flower girls order 2 baskets, ask us for petals to line your wedding aisle
from $40

Parasols in lace x4
Parasols in lace x 4

Parasols in white lace x 4, a good prop for photos as well as practical keeps the sun off
from $20 for 4

blue umbrella x 1
Umbrellas in blue

blue umbrella for the days when it is possible to rain
from $5

white umbrella
white umbrella for rainy day

white umbrella for rainy day protection x 12 in stock
from $5

Bridal Parsols x 6
Bridal Parsols x 6

apart from sun protection the parasols have the benefits of looking good in photos and by diffusing the harsh mid day overhead sun you get nice soft skin tones in your photos
from $30 for 6

UMBRELLA 3 metre wide
UMBRELLA 3 metre wide

hade natural white beige in colour 3 metres wide with heavy steel base IN STOCK x 4
from $50

birdcage and trolley
ideal for putting Champagne and glasses

use as a drinks carrier the trolley, hang the birdcage from a branch, put champagne and ice bucket on the trolley or bottles of cold water
from $25


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